A Message
from Our CEO

Leading the ENERGY Transition


At Quanta, building the energy transition is our business. There is no overstating the size of the challenge before us. We are at the heart of helping society meet its greatest challenges by building the infrastructure necessary to enable a carbon-neutral economy, and the more than 47,000 employees across Quanta are committed to furthering our mission. Given our reach and resources, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to our stakeholders and the people we serve to advance our sustainability strategy.

We strive to grow our impact on society while reducing our footprint, investing in safety, diversifying our workforce, and operating ethically, responsibly, and sustainably.

The job of building a more sustainable business has no endpoint. There is always more to do. This report provides transparency around our sustainability strategy and how we are measuring the progress we made in 2022. As we look toward the future, it is evident that our people will drive our sustainability efforts. Together, we will continue collaborating with our customers to lead the energy transition with an unwavering focus on safety. Thank you for your trust and confidence in Quanta Services.


Earl C. “Duke” Austin, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Quanta Services