Northwest Lineman College

Quanta acquired Northwest Lineman College (NLC) in January of 2018 to further expand its commitment to training the industry’s workforce. NLC is an accredited education and training facility in the United States, with four full-service campuses and five satellite training facilities across the country, offering specialized education and training across the electric power, natural gas, and communications industries.

NLC offers various options to individuals and employers, providing assistance when needed.

Expanded NLC Offerings in 2020

The Lineman Apprenticeship Program (LAP) embarked on a new delivery model in the form of a licensing agreement. A long-time customer in Texas became the first to build a comprehensive training facility according to NLC specifications. The customer, through NLC’s Professional Technical Educator Academy, earned certification to deliver NLC’s apprenticeship curriculum to its apprentices. NLC serves in a trusted advisor role and monitors program execution through observations and formal audits. The customer has roughly 80 apprentices enrolled in this lap model.

The Utility Lineworker Program is an employer-sponsored pre-apprentice offering that was launched at the Florida nlc campus in 2020 with plans to implement at the other three campuses in 2021.

The CDL Training Optional Course is now available to Electrical Lineworker Program and Telecommunications Lineworker Program students at the Idaho and Florida campuses.

In 2020, the Professional Technical Educator Academy expanded their offering to external customers. This course can be taken at an NLC campus or at a customer’s site.

A new Gas Distribution Program began at the Florida and Texas campuses.

New Mobile Courses were introduced:

  • Equal Potential Grounding & Bonding Work Zone Safety: Substation Grounding

  • Equipotential Zone (EPZ) Grounding

  • Stepping Up to Leadership

  • Gas team is qualified to administer Operator Qualifications with Midwest Energy Association, Industrial Training Services and Energy World Net

  • Quanta Aviation H-Series Training

  • Job Site Observations / Safety Assessments

  • Veriforce

Continuing to Impact the Industry