Intentional Corporate Partners

Giving back our time and resources is core to who we are. Quanta is committed to the communities where we live and work, and we embrace a culture where each of us — and our company as a whole — can make a significant impact. We choose our charity partners intentionally, creating long-term partnerships with non-profit organizations that are truly making a difference and that align with the values we have as a company.

The decisions we make are motivated by what will benefit our employees, our customers, our stockholders and the communities where we live and work.

In 2020, we donated more than $7 million to non-profit partners and invested a significant amount of volunteer time across North America.

Below are some of our key corporate charity partners, as outlined in our Community Investment Plan.


Houston Astros Foundation

The Astros Foundation is the official 501(c)(3) team charity of the Houston Astros. The foundation seeks to harness the passion of baseball fans to support youth baseball and softball programs, recognize and honor our nation’s military, raise awareness of childhood cancer and reduce homelessness. The cornerstone initiatives of the program align closely with Quanta’s own.


Child Advocates

Child Advocates mobilizes court-appointed advocate volunteers to break the vicious cycle of child abuse. Quanta has worked with this organization since 1999, providing support through both volunteer efforts and monetary donations. This support has helped Child Advocates provide special activities and programs for children in need, meeting their unique needs and improving their quality of life.


Junior Achievement

Quanta Services has always been a strong proponent of preparing students for their future careers. Since 2003, our partnership with Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas, with CEO Duke Austin serving as an Executive Committee Board Member, is based around the mutual commitment to excellence, benefiting the needs of our future workforce entrants. Quanta volunteers support Junior Achievement programs that focus on closing the workplace skills talent gap and inspiring students to explore the world of work — establishing a bridge to future career success for more than 100,000 students in the greater Houston area.

Beginning in 2020, Quanta began participation in a three-year commitment to launch the new, innovative program 3de by Junior Achievement. The program includes a case challenge held at underprivileged high schools around the u.s. The 3de case challenges is an effective teaching tool that brings real world connectivity into the traditional academic setting. The challenges are centered around a business principle and a tool or process. The goal is to give a group of students a challenge each year that they can research as a team, pull together facts and information and then present to a group of judges to determine the winner.

The students work closely with Quanta employees to gain knowledge, experience and mentoring as they work to complete their case challenge.



Candlelighters serves children with cancer and their families at every stage of their journey, with patient coordinators on site at the major hospitals in Houston. Their emotional and financial support extends to families of children on treatment, long-term survivors, adult survivors and those whose child lost their battle with cancer. All of their programs and services are offered at no cost to families of children with cancer — once a Candlelighters family, always a Candlelighters family.