Fleet & Equipment Commitment

Quanta understands the importance of tracking and managing greenhouse gas emissions and is developing enterprise-wide processes and procedures to collect reliable data from as many emissions sources as practical, including our significant vehicle fleet, which we rigorously maintain.

We have begun converting portions of our fleet to electric and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and tracking idle time and speed to further reduce emissions. We are also in the process of converting our smaller tools from gas-operated to battery-operated.

Quanta has installed GPS tracking on the majority of our fleet, and our goal is to track all on-road assets by the end of 2021. We capture a variety of data related to fleet optimization, including idle time and speed. With this data, we will be able to better analyze usage and establish baselines for fleet greenhouse gas emissions, which we can then use to set goals to better optimize asset usage and reduce our carbon footprint. In our first three years of tracking idle time and speed, we have seen improvement as awareness and tracking increases.

A portion of Quanta’s long-term executive compensation is also tied directly to progress in our fleet optimization.


We will continue to proactively upgrade our fleet in order to maintain the highest emissions standards.



We will continue to maintain our fleet, including increased investment in electric, natural gas and the cleanest diesel technology on the market today. We’ve invested nearly $1.5 billion in our fleet of leased and owned vehicles over the last three years, which we expect to continually improve in the future.



We are aggressively working to track our full fleet performance in order to establish baselines and set goals to lower our carbon footprint. We are already tracking a total of 38,349 units.


Greening Our Fleet

Quanta began converting our fleet in the State of Washington from diesel to LNG in 2013. Using GHG Protocol to compare diesel emissions to lng emissions based solely on gallons of LNG fuel consumed, Quanta has reduced emissions by at least 49% over the last three years for the converted portion of the fleet.

In 2020, we also ordered 15 electric pick-up trucks and four of the first electric bucket trucks in North America, which are scheduled to be delivered to our operating company in 2022.

We are also working with several major vehicle manufacturers to add large numbers of electric vehicles to our fleet when large-scale production is available in 2022.

Offsetting Our Fleet

An Australian Quanta operating company began offsetting the impact of its fleet in 2020 by working with a local non-profit to plant trees, one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions.