Employee Health & Wellness

The path to our employees’ good health lies within their reach, and our health and wellness benefits help them get there. Our programs motivate employees and their families to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our wellness program services include “get moving” activities, weight loss competitions, blood pressure wellness, free flu shots, tobacco cessation programs and a yearly onsite health screening that covers cholesterol, weight and BMI — all at no cost to employees. For employees interested in financial wellness-planning for retirement, we have a 401 (k) program, along with financial education sessions.

American Heart Association Gold Award

Quanta was awarded the Workplace Health Achievement Gold Award by the American Heart Association.

  • Recognized for implementation of quality workplace health programs and culture of health best practices
  • Seven areas of measure: Leadership, Engagement, Programs, Policies & Environment, Partnerships, Communications and Reporting Outcomes

Based on Quanta’s aggregate health data, 2020 wellness programs offered and participation rates. 

Healthiest Employers of Texas

Quanta received the Healthiest Employers of Texas designation by Healthiest Employers.

  • Six areas of measure: Culture & Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communication & Marketing, Programming & Interventions and Reporting & Analytics
  • Healthiest Employers uses a benchmark report to compare our company results to the national averages of over 1,000 employee-focused companies.

Based on Quanta’s aggregate health data, 2020 wellness programs offered and participation rates. 

Industrial Athlete Program

Quanta has developed an industrial athlete program designed to prevent injuries and promote overall wellness on job sites and in offices through stretching and education.

The program, known as Stretch and Flex, was implemented throughout our corporate office and at several operating companies.

The pre-shift stretching program is focused on musculoskeletal areas most commonly affected by on-site injuries. Inflexible workers are six times more likely to experience a preventable injury. The daily five-minute Stretch and Flex program offers employers the opportunity to decrease cost and associated losses due to employee injuries while increasing employee job satisfaction, productivity, career longevity and mental health, and improving company culture.

Child Care Partnership

One of our operating companies has created a partnership with YMCA to give employees a discount for child care, as they continue to manage working remotely in many areas.

Financial Wellness Program

Quanta has put together a smart dollar program, which educates and encourages employees to better manage their finances, utilize their 401 (k), pay off debt and save money. So far, this has enabled employees to pay off more than $160,000 in debt.

$338,895 Total financial turnaround

$161,545 Debt eliminated

$177,350 Savings added

Results from 287 employees using SmartDollar