Driving Innovation

Quanta Technology has developed several innovative plans to support utility customers when it comes to renewable energy options, transportation electrification, energy storage, grid modernization, distributed energy resources and grid technology development and deployment.

Achieving societal emissions goals requires increased electrification, which in turn necessitates investments in a resilient, modern grid, and we are working with the industry in anticipation of expanded electric vehicle adoption. Quanta Technology continues to highlight issues for utilities and provide solutions, getting in front of changes that electrification could bring to the grid over the next five to 15 years.

The following are programs developed to support our customers:

Nantucket Battery Energy Storage System Testing

Quanta Technology worked with a customer on the start-up testing of one of the first utility battery energy storage projects in New England, on the island of Nantucket. The project enables our customer to provide reliable electric service to Nantucket residents and summer visitors without building new undersea cables and reducing the use of diesel generation. As one of the first projects of its kind, and given the unique nature of island load, Quanta supported our customer with detailed analysis of the system controls to ensure safe and reliable operations.

Analysis of Rideshare Data for Transportation Electrification Infrastructure Investment

Ridesharing represents a significant opportunity for electric vehicles, and utilities are taking a data-driven approach to determine where and when rideshare drivers will recharge. Quanta analyzed more than 100 million ridesharing trips for the city of Chicago, on behalf of our customer, to determine the most effective locations for ridesharing fleet-charging stations.

Mobile Battery Energy Storage Systems

With the goal of reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution, Quanta Technology has collaborated with utilities on development of a mobile battery contained in a trailer. The design incorporates the latest industry standards for battery safety and can be used in place of a diesel generator for temporary power needs.

Value of Distributed Energy Resources Software Toolset

Quanta Technology has deployed our software toolset to aid in the evaluation of distributed energy resources (der) as an alternative to conventional wire and substation solutions. The software enables utilities and stakeholders to thoroughly evaluate the economic benefits of der programs, including building additional renewable energy and storage, as compared to the construction of new lines and substations.