Collaborating With Our Customer ATCO

LUMA is a purpose-built operator that has been designed to provide the people and communities of Puerto Rico with a resilient, reliable and sustainable electric grid, while also delivering outstanding customer service. We are committed to the highest standards of transparency, integrity, safety and operational excellence.

LUMA combines:

  • Industry-leading technical experience in building reliable, sustainable infrastructure and best-in-class craft skilled workforce training;
  • Decades of operational excellence managing several world-class utilities that deliver safe and reliable energy to millions of customers; and
  • Expert and transparent management of federal funds.


LUMA will leverage our resources and experience to improve the island’s electric infrastructure, implementing industry best practices, deploying innovative technologies and increasing the grid’s resiliency to future storms and other extreme events. 


We will collaborate with Puerto Rican entities including businesses, community members and government agencies to execute in the most efficient manner. We are also dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and work to impact the overall social and economic development of the island.


A Catalyst for Change

LUMA will innovate by deploying and operating new utility technologies, including micro grids, supported by distributed renewable generation and battery storage, which will form the foundation of the evolving energy landscape.

As the transformation of the transmission and distribution system progresses, customers will be able to better control their bills, as more frequent energy consumption and bill forecast information will be provided.

A modern and stable electric grid will foster more economic growth for Puerto Rico, which will, in turn, attract global businesses to invest in the island.

Rewarding career opportunities 

LUMA will provide Puerto Ricans with long-term career opportunities. LUMA will need thousands of employees to complete the enormous amount of work and create a resilient electricity delivery system. 

Just as parent companies Quanta and ATCO do, LUMA puts employees first. LUMA will prioritize the talent of PREPA employees: their legacy, knowledge and expertise will be paired with our globally recognized experts in numerous fields such as customer service, high-voltage transmission engineering, distributed energy resources and mini/micro grid integration.

LUMA will contribute best-in-class expertise in workforce training and field workforce development. A key focus will be providing training, continuous learning and career-long support of our personnel as part of our People First, Safety Always culture.

LUMA plans to build a training facility with customized curriculum in Puerto Rico to raise the standard of safety and training for its employees and the people of the island.

Disaster response expertise

Leveraging the collective expertise of its parent companies, LUMA is positioned to be a world leader in swift, effective disaster response and management. The leadership team has extensive disaster response experience, including the Quanta deployment of 6,000 line workers simultaneously to carry out emergency repairs in the US Gulf Coast in response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, as well as ATCO’s restoration of electric service following the catastrophic 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire in northern Alberta – a disaster that affected 1,500,000 acres with more than $5 billion in damages.

Partner IEM has provided program and project management support to some of the largest recovery programs in recent years in states and territories impacted by hurricanes and flooding. Following the major hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Pacific in the past two years, IEM deployed disaster response personnel to several U.S. territories to coordinate air evacuations and relief personnel and supplies. IEM currently supports the Federal Emergency Management Agency in developing plans for the federal government’s activities in response to nationally significant natural, accidental and intentional disasters across the nation.

Best-in-class Customer Service

LUMA is working to develop a responsive, best-in-class customer experience program to roll out immediately upon commencement. This will be based on ATCO’s successful and highly rated Voice of the Customer program – and will provide Puerto Ricans with the customer service they deserve.


A robust Community Investment Program

LUMA will deliver far more than operational excellence, an improved customer experience and reliable electricity service. 

LUMA recognizes that when communities thrive, everyone benefits. Like the parent companies, LUMA prides itself on being a good neighbor and an active member of the communities. At the core of our community investment efforts are LUMA’s people, who live and work in the communities they serve. 

As such, making a difference to community is central to LUMA’s identity—and sense of purpose—and has been a core value of the ATCO and Quanta parent companies for 75 years. Among LUMA’s values as a company is contributing to the creation of shared value for Puerto Rico communities, for its economy, and for society. LUMA believes that making a difference in our communities is also good for business. Customers have an expectation that good companies give back, and they are more likely to support LUMA if they see that employees and leaders are actively contributing and engaging in a meaningful way.  

Community investment is an investment of money, resources and time. For this reason, the LUMA community investment program must demonstrate a return on investment—how it advances the missions of its non-profit partners, how it benefits customers, what the efforts offer the business, how it increases trust in the LUMA brand, and how it contributes to employee engagement and productivity


A Comprehensive Compliance and Ethics Program 

LUMA firmly believes in conducting business responsibly and with the highest ethical standards. We know that how we do business is just as important as what we do. Our parent companies, ATCO and Quanta, are committed to transparency and integrity, and we bring these values ​​to all projects around the world. We are guided by our Codes of Ethics, which require us to be safe, honest and transparent in every business situation and act in ways that reflect our values.

LUMA will have a best-in-class Ethics and Compliance Program. This Program will be overseen by a Compliance Officer who will have the full support of LUMA’s leadership, as well as the full support of leadership at ATCO and Quanta.

We will work collaboratively with Puerto Rican and US federal government agencies to establish transparent procurement practices that will be strictly followed.