Advanced environmental training

Quanta offers to all operating companies an advanced environmental training course, held at the Quanta Advanced Training Center at Lazy Q Ranch in La Grange, Texas. The purpose of this course is to expand the knowledge and skills of Quanta personnel by discussing environmental subjects that impact construction projects, from planning to restoration.

Operating companies send field safety, bidding / estimating, project planning and project management personnel who are interested in increasing their understanding of project environmental principles, practices and regulations.

In this two-day course, students will learn:

  •  Decision-making process surrounding environmental situations throughout the life cycle of a project
  • Environmental risks that impact projects from start to finish
  • Environmental hazards and mitigation measures that are common to utility and energy infrastructure construction
  • Regulatory aspects of key environmental areas (water, air, soil, waste, wildlife)
  • Types of permits, plans and documentation needed for compliance with environmental requirements

The course also includes a hands-on exercise that allows the student to truly understand and apply the knowledge needed to successfully assist in the development and implementation of an environmental plan.